'The camera sees more than I can, so I give it plenty of rope and watch what happens...'


Jerry Burchard

December 1, 1931 - May 17, 2011

Night photographer, instructor,
man of the world -
Jerry Burchard.

Like a stream of light in his photographs,
he was passing thru...... enjoying life.

...A North Beach kind of guy, who
loved Southeast Asia.
Shine on......

written by Randy Magnus

(photo of Jerry in the leather jacket is by
Ingeborg Gerdes taken with a
half-frame camera at the Palace Theatre's
midnight movies scene in the 1970's.)


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  2. Randy, just a quick but heartfelt thanks for this labor of love for Jerry. I'll be back when I have a few hours to really dig in and see it fresh again. I first met Jerry as a painting major @ SFAI in '69 pretty much in the spot where the photo above was taken, if my memory is correct. Those stairs leading to the photo lab mezzanine might not have yet been built.and later I remember him in his office below it. Anyway I had come from a classical art program at a university and apprenticing to a painter in LA, & recall thinking, either while Jerry was first speaking with me or right after, when I learned that HE was the photo dept Chair ~ Man this cat is unlike any other I've ever met and damn, did I come to the right place! ~ I don't recall what was said now, except feeling a bit disoriented & exhilerated.
    ~ Gabriel Feinstein June 2011