'The camera sees more than I can, so I give it plenty of rope and watch what happens...'


Comments in Bangkok Post, 1986

Self-portrait Skating Backwards, Venice, Ca. 1982.

Jerry Burchard’s vision is refreshingly off-beat. In his Morocco there are no camels with squinty-eyed riders. His California is devoid of sun. His Thailand avoids the commonplace vapidity of smiles and folklore.
His feel is for long exposures and for the night.
Padraig Rooney
The Bangkok Post
Sunday, June 22, 1986.

Padraig, Jerry's neighbor in Bangkok and writer for the Bangkok Post, recently wrote this about Jerry:
"He walked the city at night with his camera, catching not so much the people as the way streetlight and neon bounce off buildings. He was a third-generation Rochester Kodak boy and a patient hoarder of ambient light."


  1. Jerry Burchard In SF May 17, 2011.
    Well-known and beloved artist; a key member of the San Francisco Art Institute Photography Dept. since 1966.

    Mentor to many.

    Memorial services will be announced at a later date.

    SF Gate

  2. As I was looking things up for this blog, google popped up with this ad:

    We Found Jerry Burchard