'The camera sees more than I can, so I give it plenty of rope and watch what happens...'


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  1. Jerry Burchard, my first teacher at SFAI. I'll never forget his film developing technique...

    Load a shitload of tri-x reels into a tall tank. Pour in the developer. Bang the tank hard. Roll it across the sink. Go outside and smoke a cigarette. Come back in and repeat.
    A master.

    -Dan Borris

  2. Jerry--You showed me how to see beauty where I couldn't find any, and remember laughter when I had forgotten how.

    I can still see you walking towards NB after a dinner at Hunan, breathing garlic on us as we went to eat. Someone would say "See you just ate at Hunan" and you would grin.

    I can still see light at night, in movement, because you showed it to us all.

    Go in peace, knowing that love will follow you... and that you have left immense love in everyone you touched.

    -Donna-Lee Phillips

  3. Jerry - an old friend and neighbour from Bangkok days. Another blog tribute here: www.padraigrooney.com