'The camera sees more than I can, so I give it plenty of rope and watch what happens...'


Jerry Burchard Color Photographs

Temple of the Emerald Buddha, 1986.
Dancing Trees, Ko Samet, 1986.

Threading the Palms.
Bangkok City Limits, late 80's.

Bangkok McDonalds Grand Opening, 1985.

Chiang Rai, Thailand, 1977. (B&W negative on color paper stock.)

Old Teak House, Bangkok, 1992.
40 minutes in Ko Samet, Thailand, 1986.

Sheer exhaustion after five days and nights in Pagan, 1981.

The color photographs by Jerry Burchard of Thailand and elsewhere, mostly time exposures taken at night. And a self-portrait.
“I’ve never met a place I didn’t like in Thailand – all the people, the thrills, the events. The feel of a place.”
Jerry Burchard

In 1981 Jerry took a trip to Pagan, Burma, and found these children festivals to photograph.

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