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Jerry Burchard - Later Residence

The view out Jerry's window. (photo by Dennis Hearne.)

Jerry's living room, where he spent most of his time for the last 10 years. The bedroom was full of boxes of prints, a computer, and a very big black and white printer.
(photo by Dennis Hearne.)

He collected metal car replicas. I never knew Jerry having a real car.
(photo by Dennis Hearne.)

Later in life Jerry lived in a retirement apartment complex across the street from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Moscone Center on Mission Street. The place was full of old Chinese ladies who had outlived their husbands. Ira helped find the apartment for him.
One of the things that Jerry liked about the apartment was that it was on the 30 Stockton bus line right at the corner. So he could go down the elevator, out the door, get on the bus, and ride on up to North Beach to have coffee and pastry and meet old friends. Jerry always thought fondly of San Francisco's North Beach, it was his home turf.
This place was near SFMOMA, of which he was a member, right below on the street was a little market for an exotic soda or snack, and a couple of blocks away from an organic supermarket. He told me that it was sometimes cold, but there was no stairs to climb.

The hallway walls of the apartment were covered with old Chinese posters.
(photo by Randy Magnus)

Jerry Burchard in his apartment that he lived in for the last 10 years on Mission Street.
(photo by Randy Magnus)

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