'The camera sees more than I can, so I give it plenty of rope and watch what happens...'


Jerry's Place in Bangkok, Thailand

The outside of the house. (photo by Namo Kruwatsuthat)
Self portrait, Thailand 1981

Jerry Burchard loved being in Thailand, with this place as being his residence of choice.

Jerry offered it to me a few times,
but he said that I would have to
like dogs.
(photo by Namo)

Jerry Burchard's favorite neighborhood restaurant in Bangkok. (photo by Namo Kruwatsuthat)

Lately there has been a lot of flooding in Thailand due to heavy rains and water release from up-river dams. In 1988 Jerry Burchard took this photo down the alley from where he was living at.
Click here for a little rainy day in Bangkok story by Jerry.

To see the neighborhood where Jerry would stay at under water, click here.

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